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April 2019 Archives

What consequences do retaliatory managers face?

If you recently reported the company you work for because you believe that they were violating the law, it is likely that you took action because you simply wanted to do the right thing. You probably never considered the possibility that taking this action would have a negative impact on your career. Any negative reaction taken as a consequence of an employee reporting a company for misconduct is known as employee retaliation, and it is illegal.

Why was I denied family medical leave from work?

In 1993, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed federally. This meant that many employees across the United States were able to prioritize the medical needs of themselves or their family over work for the first time, without fearing being fired.

Teen drivers at high risk during the colder days

Several states broke winter records for their freezing temperatures and excessive snowfall in the first two months of 2019 alone. Since then, Pennsylvanians have been feverishly checking every day to see which roads are closed due to undrivable pavement or a major accident that these dangerous conditions will eventually cause.