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October 2018 Archives

Who can receive unemployment benefits?

It's never easy to be unemployed and looking for a new job. However, life circumstances -- or a sudden change at work -- can lead us down the road to unemployment in a heartbeat. Depending on your financial circumstances and how much money you have saved away for a rainy day, circumstances like this can be extremely frightening.

Were you retaliated against because you got sick?

Many Pennsylvania residents -- especially those who work for the government or a large corporation -- benefit from the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). However, not all employers want to give the benefits that this federal law affords. Some employers even retaliate against employees who exercise their rights under the FMLA to take unpaid time off work to recuperate from their illnesses.

60 percent of women say they have faced sexual harassment

An astonishing 60 percent of women in the United States say that they have faced instances of sexual harassment, according to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University published late last year. Among the women who said that they had experienced sexual harassment, here is where they said they experienced such harassment:

What would constitute retaliation for filing an employment law action?

If an employee files an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against his or her employer, the employee will receive legal protection from "retaliation" for filing that complaint. Retaliation in this context refers to a negative action against the employee in response to his or her exercising the legal right to file an EEOC complaint. When employees are retaliated against, they can pursue additional legal damages and remedies as a result of that retaliation.

Senators push bill for work zone cameras

Arguably some of the most dangerous areas to drive in are construction sites. They have limited spacing, put traffic to a halt and feature many workers on the road operating right next to the drivers. Combine all of this with some angry and impatient motorists, and you get nearly 2,000 crashes and 20 work fatalities in the same areas for almost every year.