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If your employer is paying you less than the minimum wage, you should be aware that you may be able to file a legal action against your employer to receive the wages to which you are legally entitled. The minimum wage, which is the minimum hourly rate employers must pay certain classes of employees, is $7.25 per hour. Call an employment law attorney at Littner, Deschler & Littner today if your employer is not paying you at least the minimum wage. Both state and federal law protects your right to receive the statutorily-mandated minimum wage.

Additionally, many employees are eligible for overtime pay, which is equal to one and one-half times the rate of normal pay, if they work more than forty hours per week. Certain employees are exempt from the overtime wage requirements, such as executives, certain administrative personnel, professionals, and computer technology employees. If you are working, or have worked, more than forty hours per week, call Littner, Deschler & Littner to find out if your job position is the type that entitles you to overtime pay. We can help you determine whether your employer owes you any overtime wages and, if necessary, take legal action against the employer to get you the wages due to you.

Further, it is common for an employee who is either laid off or discharged to still be owed wages by his employer at the date of layoff or discharge. You are entitled to those wages. If your employer fails to pay you, contact Littner, Deschler & Littner to ensure that your rights are protected. We will not hesitate to aggressively litigate your case so that you obtain the relief to which you are legally entitled.

Know your rights. State and federal law offer a variety of protections to employees with respect to the wages owed to them. Do not let an employer take advantage of you and deny you the wages that the law requires be paid to you. If you have any questions about your rights, contact Littner, Deschler & Littner today to schedule a consultation.