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Equitable Distribution Lawyer Serving The Lehigh Valley

In Pennsylvania, the term "equitable distribution" is the legal term for the process of dividing the marital assets and marital debts during a divorce. Equitable does not necessarily mean equal, although property is often divided 50/50. In Pennsylvania, property is divided in a way that is fair to both spouses. If divorcing couples cannot determine what is fair for themselves, courts will decide. To do this, judges weigh a series of factors.

While spouses generally prefer making divorce decisions themselves, this is not always possible. Judges may have to make these decisions based on the facts before them. At Littner, Deschler & Littner, we urge our clients to resolve property division matters, and we work toward those resolutions - but we do not hesitate to litigate if that is what is necessary to protect our clients' interests.